The reply to this query is, indeed. Sure, you can place numerous domain names to your web-site. But, why are people doing this? Most web-site owners want to make positive that they are visible at the a few most dominant domain extensions, which are dot com dot org and dot net. Being seen in all 3 extensions is critical if the web page operator wants to develop his web page using any of the other extensions other than dot com. This is basically accomplished for levels of competition reasons. However, there is a draw back to this strategy you could drop in a bottomless pit. There is a wonderful probability for guests to misspell or misremember you title. If your domain name has a noun that can both be plural or singular, you need to sign-up both plural and singular varieties. So, if you will perform on this path, there is an unlimited chance for mistakes and registering all those attainable names will burden you alternatively of building your internet site.

Yet another draw back working with this system is the possibility of obtaining a search motor difficulty, which is commonly known as duplication in written content. Searchers or readers will locate you at quite a few back links and this may perhaps pose a problem for you. Lookup engines like Google is dependent on the number of hyperlinks heading to your site in buy to level its relevance. Therefore, with this strategy, you have effectively divided the diverse backlinks going to your internet site, between three exclusive URLs. The result would be, not even one of your URLs will make it to the 1st site of the research motor.

If you already have encountered this dilemma or you are considering applying this approach, do not be alarmed. A reversal or solution is accessible for this worry. Professionals have found means how to permit the search motor determine that the different exclusive area names are directing to your web-site. You can either search on your personal to reverse or resolve this trouble by looking at updates from publications, guides and on the net news. You may also opt to employ web specialists to do it for you. The gurus will not only resolve your dilemma, they can also assistance you with your other worries. Your alternative will depend on your capabilities and priorities.